• Our Mission

    Promote a stable Non-Admitted insurance market in the State of Washington to offer viable options to the insurance buying public.

    Encourage and facilitate compliance by its members with the laws of the State of Washington and of the United States of America relative to surplus line insurance coverage, and with the laws, rules and regulations of the Office of the Insurance Commissioner of the State of Washington.

    Provide means for the examination of surplus line policies placed by members on Washington risks in accordance with Rules as established by the Association, and as may be amended from time to time, and provide assistance, as appropriate, to members in filing and compliance.

    Supply educational support to the members of the Association including dissemination of information regarding laws, rules and regulations relevant to surplus lines insurance. Support insurance education relative to surplus lines insurance in the State of Washington through sponsorship of training classes and seminars, or grants of money or expertise to educational institutions.

    Communicate with the Legislature and Office of the Insurance Commissioner in support of our members and the Non-Admitted Marketplace.